Platos Principales

<a href="" title="Paella Grande*"><img src='' alt='Paella Grande*' />

<a href="" title="Paella Grande*">Paella Grande*


Tender scallops and shrimp sauteed with andouille sausage, poblano peppers, shiitake ...

<a href="" title="Fajita Bowls"><img src='' alt='Fajita Bowls' />

<a href="" title="Fajita Bowls">Fajita Bowls

Steak Chimichurri $19.99 | Chicken Tomatillo 17.99 | Honey Lime Shrimp 18.99 With ...

<a href="" title="Tequila Lime Grouper"><img src='' alt='Tequila Lime Grouper' />

<a href="" title="Tequila Lime Grouper">Tequila Lime Grouper


Paneed grouper with tequila lime cream sauce, pico, cilantro and fresh guacamole. Served ...

<a href="" title="Honey Lime Glazed Salmon"><img src='' alt='Honey Lime Glazed Salmon' />

<a href="" title="Honey Lime Glazed Salmon">Honey Lime Glazed Salmon


Grilled salmon with Mexican corn, pico and cilantro. Served with black beans and white ...

Ancient City Ribeye

House-seasoned grilled ribeye with caramelized peppers and onions, black beans and rice ...

<a href="" title="Short Rib Chile Relleno"><img src='' alt='Short Rib Chile Relleno' />

<a href="" title="Short Rib Chile Relleno">Short Rib Chile Relleno


Chihuahua cheese and braised short rib stuffed in a large poblano pepper fried and served ...

<a href="" title="Carnitas Platter"><img src='' alt='Carnitas Platter' />

<a href="" title="Carnitas Platter">Carnitas Platter


House-braised pork carnitas and jalapeno tartar and citrus slaw, poblanos and red bell ...


Chicken tinga, refried beans, and chihuahua cheese rolled in a large flour tortilla and ...

<a href="" title="Chicken La Reina"><img src='' alt='Chicken La Reina' />

<a href="" title="Chicken La Reina">Chicken La Reina


Grilled chicken with tomatillo cream sauce, crema and cilantro. Served with black beans ...